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What is Fresh Frozen?

alaskan scallops bulk

Sometimes people wonder what exactly “fresh frozen” means. Here is some info that may help to understand the process and value of “fresh frozen” seafood from Alaska: All our fish is fresh frozen meaning it’s frozen right after catch…to preserve the highest freshness that you want to taste as if you just caught it. You […]

Wild Alaskan Cod Recipe

alaskan cod recipe

Color, flavor, texture….this dinner has it all. You will LOVE this quick and easy one-pan dish, full of green and red veggies, tender fish, and a lemon sauce that pulls everything together. Complete your meal with heirloom potatoes on the side. Wild Alaskan Cod is perfect for this dish. It is fished and sustainably harvested. […]

Alaskan Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe

I love making poke bowls for lunch or dinner. They are delicious and offer a variety of flavors. When hosting a large group, people can pick and choose their own toppings – fully customizable! You can even make poke bowls to-go. I made three with Alaskan Salmon for myself and two girlfriends for dinner at […]

It’s a Nautical Life – Commercial Fishing in Alaska

catching fish in alaska 2019

Well, that’s a wrap! I’ve been fishing in Alaska for the last month, and we are finally heading back to land! Proud to say I helped my dad bring in over a million pounds of salmon this season!  It was my first season fishing in Prince William Sound. Typically, we fish in Chignik, way out […]

Alaskan Salmon and Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas

These Alaskan Salmon and Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas are easy to make and delicious to serve for lunch or dinner with family or for hosting guests. PREP: 10 MINUTES | COOK: 10 MINUTES | SERVES: 4 TO 6 INGREDIENTS Nonstick cooking spray 1 medium zucchini, halved lengthwise and sliced 8 oz. sliced mushrooms 1⁄2 onion, thinly sliced 1/2 […]

Meal Prep in a Mountain Town

Alaska Salmon Shanghai Salad Image

Guest Post by: Uriell Carlson, RDN. Founder, Inner Wild Nutrition There are many, many perks of living in the mountains of a landlocked state like Colorado. Access to high quality seafood is not one of them.  Thankfully, I have discovered Sierra Gale Seafoods, and I’m now lucky enough to have the best of both worlds! […]